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PCB Fabrication
Material and Laminates
  • FR-4 Multi-Functional (140C)
  • FR-4 High Temp (180C)
  • FR407/FR408
  • Nelco 4000 Series
  • IS410 and 370HR
  • Polyimide
  • Rogers 4000 Series
  • 370HR Series
Loadboards Boards ATE/DUT
  • Teradyne: uFlex, Catalyst, A565, J750
  • Credence: ASL1K,3K, VISTA, DUO, QUARTET, SC212, SC312
  • Eagle: ETS-364
  • Nextest: PT1 & 2, Lightning, VT, GT, Magnum
  • Hewlett Packard/Agilent: Verigy, 93K
  • LTX, Sentry, MCT
Burn-In Boards
Burn-In Board
Burn-In Board
Burn-In Board
Burn-In Board
  • We have a complete design solutions from design to manufacturing High Density, Fine Pitch, High Power and Impedance Control BIBs
  • MIL STD-883E maintained for military devices
  • Standard BIB size: 12″ x 24″
  • Large BIB format: 22.5″ x 26″
  • Can do 3mils line/space and 6mils micro-drill
  • Via-in-pad for fine pitch BGA sockets
  • Down to 0.4mm pitch
  • Mixed dielectrics for cost/performance optimization
  • Manufacturing and assembly time of 3-4 weeks for BIBs
  • 12 layers in 1.6mm and 24 layers for MCC
Pogo Pins
Pogo Pins
Pogo Pins
  • Highest Quality Product
  • Best Test Yield
  • Competitive Price
  • Intensive Local Support
  • One Stop Total Solution
  • No NRE Charge
  • No Tooling Charge
  • Intelligent Design Engineering
  • Precision Manufacturing


PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design
PCB Design Capabilities
  • Analog, Digital, Mixed Signal, RF Applications
  • High Speed/Impedance Controlled boards
  • Equal trace lengths & Differential pairs
  • High current/heavy Cu board
  • EMI/EMC compliance board
  • Use of microvia, pad over via, blind via, buried via
  • High density interconnect (HDI) technology
  • Complies to IPC design standards
  • Complete assembly drawings if needed
  • Professional fabrication documents
PCB Reverse Engineering
FSA can do reverse engineering of obsolete OEM circuit boards, missing manufacturing data and the like. We use state-of-the-art LASER SCAN on single, dual and multi-layer boards. Output can be a Gerber file or in DXF format. Because of laser technology, we guarantee 100% board reproducibility anytime, all the time.
PCB Replating and Rework
PCB Replating and Rework
PCB Replating and Rework
PCB Replating and Rework
Process of re-coating abraded DUT pads, component terminals, pogo traces and edge fingers to convey the original functionality of the devices contact points.

Plating of probe pins contact will extend the life span of the probe pins. It will also eliminate poor contact in between wafer pads and probe pins via Hole rework, Component Repair, Removal, Replacement, Inner Trace Repair, or Pell-off Pad Rework.

Note: Plating is also applicable on probe pins (both vertical and cantilever, pogo pins, socket pins, component terminals and jewelries.

Burn-In Solutions
Burn-In Solutions
Burn-In Solutions
Inspire 8160HX High Power
  • Individual DUT Temperature Control
  • Up to 480W per BIB
  • 6 power supplies per BIB
  • full software controlled & monitored
  • Localized power deliver for most accurate, low-noise DC voltage
  • 144 drive channels
  • 25MHz data rate, 16MB vector depth
  • up to 48 monitor channels
  • Up to 24 slots per system
  • Legacy BIB form factor (12.32″x23.85″x0.062″)
Customize Burn-In Ovens
Custom-configured systems for various applications
  • THB / HAST
  • High Voltage / Cap Discharge Systems
  • Individual DUT Temp Control
  • Digital and Analog Signals
  • Engineering or Production
Driver & Power Supply Technology
  • Configurable VOH / VIL / Freq / PS control
  • Positive and Negative Supplies
  • Pattern Conversion & Debug Tools
  • Test During Burn-in Capabilities
Software Technology
  • Full system control incl. chamber temp
  • Burn-in Lot Monitoring
  • Pinpoint Failure to DUT / Signal level
Equipment Sourcing
  • Refurbished equipment
  • 2nd hand
  • Front line, back-end equipment
  • Industrial Ovens


Board Stuffing for Prototype & Mid Volume
Board Stuffing for Prototype & Mid Volume
Board Stuffing for Prototype & Mid Volume
  • MRP-driven Procurement & Mfg process
  • SMT and Thru-Hole Assembly
  • Top and Bottom-side SMT
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Rails, Connectors, Heatsinks
  • Automated and Hand-Assembly
  • In-process Quality Checks
  • Final electrical test on TSE BOSS Tester (customer-supplied probes)