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With a new setup of management of FSA-Technology, we are well equip to give you our full support on PCB Design, Fabrication & PCBA, Development and Integrated Solution for Semiconductor, Industrial and MNC. IT & Computer services (Selling Hardware & Software; Desktop & Laptop/Notebook computers; Network setup; Server Maintenance Serving the High Precision tooling on SEMICONDUCTOR, HOSPITAL, AUTOMOTIVE, etc.

Burn-In Service

We provide Static Burn-In, Dynamic Burn-In and TDBI for the semiconductor industry. Burn-In is a process in between the assembly and final test processes in the semiconductor manufacturing chain. It is a process whereby the individual semiconductor device is stressed at extreme temperatures with voltages and test signals applied to weed out infant mortality failures (that is, any defects caused during the design and assembly process) with the extreme temperature environment in the Burn-In chamber. Any semiconductor device that fails the Burn-In screening process will be rejected. The Burn-In process duration is specified by the customers depending on the device types, the specific applications of the semiconductor device and the designed reliability. The Burn-In temperature is also specified by the customer and ranges anywhere from -40 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius. Currently, we have over 120 Burn-In Systems in our in-house facilities supporting the Burn-In of different semiconductor device types ranging from microprocessors, memories, micro-controllers, automotive control circuits and custom made chips, small-outline IC package, plastic leaded chip carrier package, quad flat pack, no-leads package, thin shrink small-outline package to the latest pin grid array and ball grid array. Many of the Burn-In Systems used in our business are designed and fabricated within our in-house facilities. We operate 24 hours daily seven days per week on four shifts. We also offer round the clock delivery and collection services to our customers.


Product Offer


PCB Fabrication
Loadboards Boards ATE/DUT
Burn-In Boards
Pogo Pins
PCB Design and Reverse Engineering
PCB Replating and Rework
Burn-In Solutions
Customize Burn-In Ovens
Equipment Sourcing
Board Stuffing for Prototype & Mid Volume
PCB Assembly


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To become One of the best Solution Provider Company in terms of FABRICATION, SERVICES & ASSEMBLY. Global Supplier of High End PCB , Test Development, Design and Assembly of Electronic and Integrated Systems with Cost Effective Solutions for Semiconductor, Automotive, Medical, Military and Information Technology.

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